family being torn apart
Please pray for my family. It's being torn apart by texting and myspace comments. Fueled by unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment and anger. 2 daughter-n-laws aren't speaking to the other DNL and won't cone to family gatherings if she is there. The 2 brothers aren't speaking to the other brother. Meantime we're caught in the middle. Our grandkids and the rest of the family are caught in the middle. I know there is nothing I can do to repair this. I've told them how we feel about it. I've given it to God as he's the only one who can repair this. I just want to leave it at the cross and be patient for him to work it out. Not take it back and try to fix it myself.

My sister has as dr's appt at 10:00am Monday. There is a problem with her liver. Test show it is not functioning properly and her kidneys are having to work ot as wells as cyst on her ovaries. Spent 14 hrs in ER Thursday due to a small cyst ruptured. Dr wanting to admit to hospital but she talked him out of it.
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Dixiedd,I will keep you in prayer about this texting and myspace. I am not into texting but do have a myspace and facebook page that I wished I had never started.I am absolutley amazed at what people put on them .
I spent a week-end retreat with our church ladies and could not believe that we were on a retreat.,Everyone of them had their phones and were busy texting everytime I looked around.I used my phone 1 time to call and tell my husband what time to pick me up. I thought a retreat was a time to get away and rest in God and learn more about His Word. I was a little disapponted.
Your sister will be in my prayers.
Love in Christ, Glenda
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My heart goes out to you and my prayers are with your family. My family issues sound so similiar. Myspace and facebook situations, too. Why would people post such private things and such nasty remarks about one another on such a public place? I, too pick up the phone if I want to talk to someone, just learned to text and only do that if I absolutely have to do it in a very quiet, no phone calls allowed kind of place.
By the way, are there any pw's here? I am new here and have posted on the wives site, but have not received any replies. Smile
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